Integrated Systems Europe 2017


Our ‘smarter, neater AV’ product range continues to grow at a pace in 2017.


With many HDMI brands moving focus to commercial, HDanywhere are demonstrating their commitment to the residential market with the introduction of new and truly innovative in-home entertainment connectivity solutions. ISE will be the stage for the introduction of a new matrix, extender and companion audio matrix/amp, plus enhancements to their bundled-free universal IR remote app – uControl.

Premium Progress – New HDMI 2.0 18G matrices and extenders

HDanywhere are the first HD distribution brand to join the UHD Alliance – the group, which includes Dolby, LG, Netflix, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, THX amongst others are aligned with fostering the Ultra HD ecosystem and promoting the benefits of next generation premium in-home entertainment technology.
In Amsterdam, HDA will be showing a range of Ultra HD Premium™ compatible solutions called ‘MAX’ – Matrices and extenders that support full-fat Ultra HD 4K with HDR and the 18G data rates of HDMI 2.0 spec (that’s UHD/4K/HDR at 60p with 4:4:4 colours), even over a single Category cable for the most ‘Premium TV’ experience possible.

18G over HDBaseT with Tipping Point Compression

Using a new technology, which HDA call TPC, which stands for ‘Tipping Point Compression’, it is possible to transmit HDMI 2.0 UHD/HDR/60p 600MHz/18G content down HDBaseT’s constricted 10.2G pipe using very-light compression, meaning there is no human-perceivable difference in video quality whilst TPC is active. It’s very clever because the compression only becomes active when the input signal data rate tips over the 10.2G threshold (which in reality, isn’t very often) – hence ‘tipping point’.


Universal IR control out-of-the-box!

uControl is a universal IR remote companion app for MHUB 4K PRO matrix systems, which incorporates a patent-pending integrated IP2IR controller engine to enable full IR control over connected sources and displays. It is programming-free and super simple to setup, offering all the controllability required for most AV scenarios. Once downloaded, users can choose which source they want to watch and where, with all the various functions for each device shown on screen, with familiar button layouts and gesture control. uControl can even be personalised with user-settable background images for each zone/room and light and dark themes. To re-iterate, there is no need for a separate controller, the controller is built into the matrix itself. (Think Global Caché but with 16 addressable IP>IR ports!)

“Alexa, watch BBC One in the Living Room.”

Of course, integration with Alexa is high on HDA’s agenda. Because of uControl’s wider IP>IR control ability within the matrix, a macro-based Alexa demo like no other mustn’t be missed on the ISE show floor.

Listen up! HDA now do audio…

The MHUB AMP is the first audio product from HDA. A 6×4 DSP audio matrix/amp with integrated 55W amplifier. Designed and built in the UK to be an easy companion to any MHUB video matrix, it also integrates immediately with uControl.

HDA’s 2017 brochure can be viewed here 

We are situated in Hall 5, Stand R83.

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