HDANYWHERE joins UHD Alliance

HDANYWHERE is the first HDMI distribution brand to be accepted into the UHD Alliance (UHDA), a global group of device makers and content creators charged with fostering the Ultra HD ecosystem and promoting the benefits of Ultra HD entertainment technology.

Over the past few years, display manufacturers have released Ultra HD 4K resolution televisions. However, many consumers haven’t embraced 4K due to the lack of proper high-quality content. To fix this issue, Hollywood studios, consumer electronics brands, content distributors and technology companies have joined forces as part of the UHD (Ultra High Definition) Alliance.

The Alliance was formed by global companies including DIRECTV, Dolby, LG Electronics Inc., Netflix, Panasonic Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Sharp Corporation, Sony Visual Product Inc., Technicolor, The Walt Disney Studios, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

HDANYWHERE are the first HDMI brand and the first ‘in-between’ source and display device to join the UHD Alliance.

The UHD Alliance was created with the consumer in mind, to focus on helping consumers benefit from a seamless, integrated and high-quality Ultra-HD ecosystem from end to end. The Alliance aims to ensure that all of the links in the chain meet identified premium quality standards and provides information on premium Ultra-HD content and devices that deliver best-in-class home entertainment.

HDA Founder Chris Pinder said of the news: “HDA multiroom systems provide the most fluid and flexible TV viewing experience, without losing a single pixel of picture quality at premium Ultra HD resolutions. The HDA brand mission of changing the relationship people have with AV in their homes is totally in sync with the UHDA’s ultimate goal of providing a better in-home viewing experience to the consumer. HDA are eager to take an active role in the Alliance’s collaborative efforts to deliver a premium entertainment experience throughout the Ultra HD ecosystem.”

The UHDA’s Ultra HD Premium™ logo is reserved for products, content and services that comply with performance metrics for resolution, high dynamic range (HDR), peak luminance, black levels and wide colour gamut among others. The specifications also make recommendations for immersive audio and other features. These advances in resolution, contrast, brightness, colour and audio combine to deliver a premium Ultra HD experience in the home.