Introducing the HDA ‘SRX’ Scaling Receiver

SRX Scaling Receiver

MALVERN—July 14, 2017—HDANYWHERE (HDA) today confirmed the availability a scaling display receiver, the ‘SRX’, compatible for use as an endpoint with all MHUB 4K matrix models – able to downscale 4K content to 2K, or upscale 2K content to 4K at an incredibly disruptive price point.

SRX gives AV professionals a simple way to get over the real-world challenges of integrating a mix of 4K and 1080p displays within a single MHUB system, with all connected devices operating at best capability. The addition of the SRX means that all HDA MHUB 4K models deliver end-to-end 4K/60 Hz switching and scaling, including support for HDCP 2.2.

The SRX eliminates the need for additional scaler boxes in 1080p zones, achieving easier device integration with less HDA hardware. The addition of a high quality scaling chip into display receiver simplifies, what would otherwise be, complex installs, to deliver brilliant razor-sharp images and smooth motion on every single display.

“4K broadcasts downscaled to 2K often looks better than the standard 2K broadcasts. This truly maximises the performance from every screen.” said HDA Founder Chris Pinder.


  •  Downscale 4K sources to properly display on 1080p displays. Frame rate is matched so 4K/60 downscales to 1080p/60 and 4K/24 downscales to 1080p/24 and so on.
  •  Upscale 1080p content to display on the latest 4K displays at up to 60 Hz frame rate.
  •  Use with ALL MHUB 4K systems.
  •  Single cable solution, powered via the MHUB using PoE and also able to carry 10/100 Ethernet when used with MHUB 4K PRO.
  •  Low profile, lightweight aluminum design.

 Available now and shipping today, SRX is sold as an optional extra or included in two new MHUB 4K PRO packages (1x or 2x SRX included).

Finer details:

  •  Up to Dolby Atmos and Dolby DTS:X pass through.
  •  Colour space is converted to RGB444 8Bit at all times, apart from 1080p 60HZ signals that are converted to YUV 420.
  •  HDCP is made to match the displays highest capability.
  •  Refresh rates are maintained at all times.
  •  3D Signals are passed through without being scaled.
  •  The scaler ONLY upscales 1080p resolutions. It will downscale 3840 and 4096 4K variants below the HDBaseT bandwidth barrier.
  •  All other resolutions are passed through unscaled.

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