MHUB-OS adds Macro-sequences, Alexa + Remote Mgmt.

HDANYWHERE today makes available for download a new version of its MHUB PRO matrix operating system called MHUB-OS (formerly known as DASH), which primarily delivers voice control and remote management & monitoring to their MHUB PRO systems. The new OS also encompasses improved security and establishes the foundation for future innovation delivered via MHUB.

Alexa voice control & macro-sequences
Unique and patented to HDA, MHUB-OS unlocks the potential of MHUB PRO’s onboard IP>IR engine by adding macro-sequencing for simplifying the ease and convenience of controlling TV and audio in our homes. Go completely remote and hands-free by using single voice commands or a uControl app ‘quick action’ buttons – triggering multiple signals to multiple devices in sequence to deliver a desired end result… such as switching your TV on from standby straight your favourite news channel in the morning, without needing to find the remote or turning all the TVs (and source devices) off in the evening with a single voice command.
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Work Remotely via HDA Cloud
Reduce the necessity for callouts and site visits with HDA’s new remote management software. Whether at the office, Watford Gap services or working from home, the HDA PRO Cloud dashboard offers a secure portal to remotely monitor and manage MHUB installations across multiple client sites. Power-cycling, software rebooting, diagnostics, EDID changes and uControl configuration changes can all be performed without ever having to put miles on the van.
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Doing more with less hardware
Central to HDA’s strategy is leveraging MHUB add-on bonus technologies and Cloud platform to enable HTPs to achieve more from a single device. This creates more value for the end-user and creates easier opportunities to sell additional services, and importantly manage them in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Chris Pinder, HDA Founder commented: “An MHUB PRO changes the relationship people have with TV in their homes. Voice control is a big part of that changed relationship. We removed the box-clutter from living spaces, now we’ve removed the remote also. Macro-sequences create single command simplicity and the ultimate convenience, that other brands cannot offer from a one-box solution. On the installation side, our new remote management platform offers more real-time functionality than ever before. This allows HDA Pros to provide incredible service, whilst saving time and money. A genuine win-win-win for home technology professionals and end-users alike.”

MHUB-OS is a free upgrade for MHUB PRO users and can be downloaded by pressing the ‘Check for Updates’ button on the ‘MHUB Settings’ more details on updating here.