IR over HDMI Injector Kit

Use an existing HDMI cable to transmit remote control IR (infrared) signals back to the source device (Blu-Rays, DVRs, set-top boxes, etc) allowing you to have full control of the functions (play, pause, rewind, etc.), even when the source device is out-of-sight.

When HDMI video source devices are situated in another room or if there is a break in line of sight, infrared remote commands will not work. In the past the solution has been to install a separate IR repeater system. The IR over HDMI Injector Kit is a reliable and easy-to-install solution that simply bolts onto your existing HDMI cabling.

The IR over HDMI injector Kit utilises the mostly unused CEC channel of your HDMI cable to send the IR signal. The CEC channel is used only by certain HDTVs that can send control commands to compatible video sources, so if you use CEC, you don’t need to extend your remote controls. The unit has a switch that allows you to toggle between IR injection and CEC channel use.


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