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Five reasons why HDA Pros prefer MHUB with Control4.

Our free control drivers, made especially for Control4 and MHUB, take advantage of HDA API 2.1 to offer custom integrators an unparalleled number of features designed to make installations easier to manage, cheaper to commission and require less hardware to achieve the same result. Our drivers do a lot more than just switch: here are five reasons why HDA Pros prefer working with MHUB and Control4.

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Request ARC from Composer

MHUB PRO 2.0 is the only AV matrix in the world that can request ARC audio from a display in real time and make it available, on-demand, from within Composer. MHUB manages the entire process; negotiating with the display to pull audio back to MHUB for downmixed or multi-channel output. No more convoluted wiring or limiting, fixed behaviours in your projects. Easily set free audio (Netflix, AppleTV, NowTV) destined to be confined to the display.

Hijack MHUB's IR ports

Install more Control4 by reducing hardware costs. Hijack the IR output ports on MHUB or any of its display receivers to send IR commands directly from within Composer to MHUB. It's now easier - and cheaper - than ever before to commission a Control4 system with MHUB.

Watch: Hijacking MHUB's IR ports.

Low cost.

Controllers like the CA-1 are cost effective because they operate entirely over IP. You now have the option to spec Control4 and retain control of AV or legacy devices for no additional charge.

Hijack IR.

Depending on the MHUB system used you can expand your IR control to 17 devices without the need for a dedicated control processor. Send commands directly from Control4 to MHUB's ports.

All systems.

This feature is available on all MHUB systems with IR ports and is a standard feature within our Control4 driver. (Not including current generation MHUB AUDIO).

We're making CEC actually useful

New for 2020 will be the addition of CEC control. If your display supports CEC control then our driver will be able to send commands like turning the display on/off or intelligently navigating to the correct AV input removing the need for IR hardware at the display.

MHUB and Control4 Composer MHUB and Control4 Composer

Make smarter automations with rich 2-way communication

Most control drivers are basic in that they only communicate one-way. This means that any changes made outside the system are not reported back to Control4. Our drivers communicate in both directions meaning that Control4 always knows the switch, volume, mute or operational state of the end point it is controlling.

Auto discovery & self healing

Never go hunting for another IP address again. MHUB uses MDNS (Apple Bonjour) protocol to identify itself on the network and our driver uses the same technology to find it. Should your router change then Control4 will be able to find MHUB and reconnect without worry or hassle.

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