The stackable AV matrix.

More affordable and easier than AV over IP, MHUB S is HDANYWHERE's complete solution for big AV + control projects.
By stacking 10 MHUB S you get 80 zones of video with uControl.

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MHUB S can be stacked in to almost any configuration you require making it the prefect solution for large homes, commercial and hospitality environments.

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MHUB S vs Video over IP MHUB S vs Video over IP

Easier than AV over IP.

Burn less calories thinking about your video distribution solution and spend more time building it.

Your time is important. A project may involve the procurement of hardware, infrastructure, control and installation, this takes time and effort. MHUB S and a Zone Processor (if you're stacking systems) is 2 SKUs and everything needed is included inside the box. Building a 8x16, 8x24 or 8x32 system is the same difficulty as setting up a single MHUB.

Deployed in big AV projects globally.

MHUB S is an alternative to AV over IP. It is simple enough for a junior member of the team to install and in some cases can even be done by the establishment themselves.

Samsung USA

Texas, USA

The Samsung Executive Briefing Centre (EBC) showcases all of Samsung’s cutting-edge visual display technologies across various industries under one roof. MHUB S is used to power all 72 displays with demo-grade 4K content throughout the center.

  • 72 displays
  • x9 stacked MHUB S
  • Using Control4
  • Installer:
    Integrated Lifestyles

Mojo Bar

Newcastle, UK

The newest addition to expanding Beer & Cocktail chain based in the northwest of the UK. The Mojo's Newcastle bar uses MHUB S to provide simultaneous 4K/1080p digital signage, visualisations and music videos for their patrons.

  • 16 displays
  • x2 stacked MHUB S
  • Using Control4
  • Installer:
    Bespoke Home Cinemas

SeñorRitas Tex Mex

Doha, Qatar

Located in central Doha SeñorRitas Tex Mex Sports Bar was refit in preparation for the FIFA World Cup in 2022. The original specification required three MHUB systems but a fourth was added shortly after commission. This system is fully control using our own control solution, uControl.

  • 32 displays
  • x4 stacked MHUB S
  • Using uControl
  • Installer:
    SeñorRitas Tex Mex

Up to 50% less cost.

If your project has less than 80 screens then MHUB S offers exceptional value for money compared with other methods of distribution because there's no requirement for a switch and control is included.

Check out how MHUB stacks up against the competition below.

Modular Matrix

Competitive in smaller projects only. Card based expansion limited by chassis IO.
  • Maximum output is limited by chassis size
  • Too many options: hard to spec
  • Expensive over 16 screens
  • Multiple points of failure
  • Requires control system
  • Not price competative


Beats the competition in cost & control up to 80 screens.
  • Distribution to 80 screens*
  • Up to 50% cheaper than competing technologies
  • 18G Video using TPC
  • Plug-and-Play setup - no training required
  • Source, AVR, display & MHUB S control included
  • IR passback supported
  • Timed events and macros supported
  • Cloud connected

AV over IP

The leading technology for medium-to-large distribution projects.
  • Networking knowledge required
  • Product training required
  • 18G video compressed to 1G
  • Entirely reliant on a control system
  • Costly option in small/medium applications
  • Difficult to update

Free powerful control options included.

Control everything connected to MHUB S with uControl our control app. With video distribution delivered by MHUB S, there's no need to spec a control system if you (or you customer) doesn't want to. Instead control the entire system from our app whether its turning off all displays, switching to certain combination or scheduling Sequences so that displays turn on at a certain time on weekdays.

Learn more about our control app: uControl

MHUB S gallery MHUB S gallery

How it works:

Mirrors enable easy stacking.

MHUB S can work standalone as a 100m 8x8 system or it can be stacked in to another MHUB S by mirroring the inputs. This gives the second, third or fourth MHUB S access to video content connected to the foundation system.

MHUB S even supports IR passback so a source device connected to the foundation system can receive an IR signal received by the MHUB S systems higher up in the stack.

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Get access to MHUB S training

HDA Pros gain access to our e-Learning platform which includes how to sell MHUB S, how to set it up and how to use it's advanced features to control AV and lighting. Our courses span from beginner level (HDMI fundamentals) all the way to advanced configuration techniques, hacking MHUB and marketing courses.

Enroll on e-Learning courses.

MHUB S stack MHUB S stack

Getting started is easy.

Download our MHUB S setup guides


Download our setup guide.

Access online training for MHUB S


Access online training.

Speak to a member of the HDA team


Speak to a member of the team.

Start building your system today.



Stackable to 32 Zones (x4 MHUB S) with Source IR passback and uControl
Stackable to 80 Zones (x10 MHUB S) with uControl
Stackable (10+ MHUB S) with Control System
Supports formats up to 4K@60Hz (4:4:4) including HDR & Dolby Vision using TPC.
Selectable down-scaling on all outputs
Multi-channel digital audio support up to and including Dolby/Atmos and DTS:X
HDMI Output Mirrors (x2) for AVRs
Audio extraction on all outputs (not downmixed)
Bi-directional IR
Source Stacking IR (Pass IR from one MHUB system to the next)
CEC Support
uControl, Apple Watch***, IP*** & Amazon Alexa compatible
Remotely monitorable
Fully customisable with API access


Form factor 2U Rackmountable
Inputs / Mirrors / Outputs (x8) HDMI Inputs / (x8) HDMI Input Mirrors, (x8) Digital Coax, (x8) 3.5mm Stereo Jack / (x2) HDBaseT + HDMI Outputs, (x6) HDBaseT Outputs
Video bandwidth HDMI backplane 594MHz clock / 18Gbps data
HDBT 340MHz clock / 10.2Gbps data
ESD protection ± 8kV (air-gap discharge) ± 4kV (contact discharge)
Hub control Web GUI, IR, TCP/IP, RS232, App, Alexa
App control Full control over sources, matrix hub & display functions.
Device weight Chassis: 2400g
Receiver: 187g
Package weight 4100g
Dimensions (W/D/H) Hub 440 / 362 / 88mm (without feet)
RX 162.8 / 90 / 18mm
Operating temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
Storage temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Relative humidity 20~90 % RH (non-condensing)
Power consumption 101W (max) tbcW (standby)
Guarantee 2/3-year guarantee (Cloud registration required)

uControl World

uControl your smart home tech with one remote. Navigate endless entertainment and scene-setting options, with a unifying remote for all media, music and mood control.

Visit uControl World

uControl World page

*** Not available in Standalone. Requires Zone Processor.