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Why choose a HDA Pro?

Having your MHUB system professionally installed should help to guarantee the system’s long-term performance and ensure that it blends neatly with your home decor. All HDA Pros also have the added ability to manage your system remotely for you - meaning that routine maintenance and even advanced troubleshooting can be done without the need to visit your home

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Pro finish

Your HDA Pro will ensure that your HDA system is completely out of site.


All budgets

HDA Pros can provide many options with your install offering solutions for all budgets.


More than AV

Ask our Pros for home cinema, heating/AC, lighting and security services.


Have a brief ready.

Prepare a brief for your HDA Pro and provide as much detail as you can. Start by asking what it is that you want to achieve. For example, “I’m rewiring my home and would like to know how I can watch Sky, Apple TV and listen to my favourite music in all rooms" is enough to get started.


Think of budget.

Be realistic and open about your budget when choosing your HDA Pro. Most of our Pros can offer a variety of solutions to fit well within your budget. Consider which part of your home tech setup you’re willing to spend the most and least on.


Question your Pro.

Look out for membership of organisations like globally recognised CEDIA and also look at some case study images to get a good idea of the quality of your installer’s projects. Pose questions to them and even us.

Are you a HDA Pro?

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