Media. Music. Mood. Smart Homes start with AV.

Founded in 2006.

Supplying products that help people neaten AV technology for over 17 years.

Proudly British.

We are an independent, employee-owned, privately-held company.


We are an active member of the global industry association for smart home technology.

Changing the relationship people have with AV for the better.

We want to make your everyday tech experiences at home better, especially when it comes to enjoying and controlling your media, music, and mood.


We make your living spaces smarter & neater.

Integrated, centralised, AV systems for premium installers.

We are a British manufacturer of a video & audio distribution systems called MHUB. These systems are integrated smart home devices which hide tech clutter and cabling for neater living spaces and a better user experience.

MHUB Stack


Media, Music & Mood.

The most frequent interactions with technology in our homes tend to be for controlling TV, music and lighting.

In luxury homes, professionally installed integrated smart home systems automate separate technologies like audio-visual (AV), security, heating, lighting and shades into a simple, user-friendly control experience via touchscreens and remote controls throughout the property.

HDANYWHERE systems improve people’s everyday experience with technology in their living spaces with easy-to-use, professionally installed products, that a broader market can access.

Media,music and mood example in a living room


"We want to make smart home accessible to all."

The cost of entry and complexity of a professionally installed smart home is off-putting to tradespeople keen to expand their business. Most would consider a reasonably priced integrated smart home system but have no mid-market options. Their remote controls are expensive and not optimised for the most-used everyday functionality (TV, audio and lights).

Chris Pinder HDANYWHERE CEO and CO-Founder


Making technology disappear, one year at a time.


It started with cables. Cables, cables, cables.
HD Cable Ltd is founded by Chris & Lianne who met at the University of Manchester. Riding on the wave of the UK's transition from standard definition to HDTV, the fledgling company grew extremely quickly because it was one of the first specialist HDMI cable suppliers to offer the short, long, very-long and very-very-long lengths required by end-users and integrators alike. In the early days operating from a cable-filled one bedroom Castlefield apartment, before moving to rented premises in Salford.

Humble beginnings


Our first multiroom HD system.
The company decides to attend the Gadget Show with its first multiroom HD system that uses HDMI-over-Cat cable technology. Dillan has joined the team and has begun to represent the company as HDANYWHERE™

Entry into video distribution


HDANYWHERE is everywhere.
The HDANYWHERE range of system sizes and features grow, along with its popularity in the market. New technologies are incorporated that add support for 4K resolutions, increase cable distances and eliminate the need for wall-plug power supplies at each TV.

No. #1 in video distribution


The industry vote.
HDANYWHERE wins big, receiving the industry's top product gong for 'Most Innovative Product' at the prestigious CEDIA Awards.

CEDIA Award 2014


The X-Event Keynote
10 new products launched to commemorate 10 years in business. Most notable for the first reveal of uControl - a HDANYWHERE control system inside every multiroom hub. You can still watch the keynote today.

The X-Event


A world first.
We release advanced drivers for Control4 and RTI giving installers the ability to use the (IR and RS232) ports on MHUB directly from their control system saving on project time, complexity and cost.

World First: Expanded IO


As uControl quickly matures and starts to be adopted more widely as an alternative method of control, efforts are made to protect the core technology with a UK Patent successfully granted with further fillings in the USA, China, Hong Kong and Australia following.

uControl Patented


The Haysfield. Made in the UK.
We move down the road to a building 4 times bigger needed accommodate the growing number of staff and to hold bigger inventory for international partners. With the additional space a newly designed R&D lab was built and assembly lines installed to cater for MZMA (formerly known as MHUB AUDIO (6x4) 55), our first system made entirely in the UK.

The Haysfield. Made in the UK


At the age of five, MHUB-OS is classified as end-of-line and replaced by uControl OS (uOS) which expands the control capabilities beyond MHUB and MZMA to everyday devices like lights, relays and PDUs as part of a new Media, Music & Mood focus.

uControl OS (uOS) released


Our smart move: a smart remote.
Taking all the R&D knowledge gained from years of maintaining the uControl app we revealed the uControl Remote, a physical, smart remote control which can be used to control the Everyday Smart Home.

uControl Remote Released

Most Innovative Product

Best Software Finalist

#2 UK Brand

Best Matrix

Best Manufacturer

Matrix Product of the Year

#2 Matrix Switcher

#2 Video Extender

uControl Remote: Best of Show

MHUB S: Best of Show

MHUB S: Best Matrix

MZMA: Best Multiroom Music


Our smart move is a smart remote control.

Every market leading control system brand’s centrepiece is a remote control. Apps, keypanels and voice are used, but remotes are king. They are the most-used interface between human and the technology in their home to control the TV, audio and lighting automation. A key element in every integrated smart home system, the uControl Remote is HDANYWHERE’s answer to meeting the consumer need for a moreaffordable universal remote control.

The Everyday Smart Home.

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