Crestron Home™ x HDANYWHERE™

HDANYWHERE can now be part of a Crestron Home™ system for video and audio (inc. any TV’s ARC!) switching and distribution throughout a property via any MHUB AV matrix.

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Integrator-loved MHUB features such as 4K HDR distribution with automatic 4K>HD video downscaling and an independent audio matrix with access to ARC, can all now be fully utilised and enjoyed as part of a Crestron Home™ experience.

HDANYWHERE are pleased to be one of the first brands to have a ready-made driver for Crestron Home, offering installers a great alternative to costlier DigitalMedia™ NVX or DM hardware.

How do I get this driver?

The HDA x Crestron Home driver has been created by leading specialists Ultamation and is available to buy from their website. 50% off launch offer.

To celebrate the launch of the HDA x Crestron Home driver Ultamation are offering 50% off for demo licenses and 50% off for the first 10 customers.


The driver provides switching control of HDANYWHERE MHUB video matrices via the Crestron Home AV switching integration. At present, control of devices via the HDANYWHERE ports (IR, CEC, Serial) is not supported.

Each matrix to be controlled will require a separate definition using the driver, but the same licence key can be used for multiple matrices on a single processor.

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