2019 HDA Pro MHUB V&A Training Days

Pinder & Pattni to deliver HDANYWHERE unified whole-home entertainment systems training throughout 2019.

2019 HDA Pro MHUB V&A Training Days 2019 HDA Pro MHUB V&A Training Days

A new one day training course for professional installers has been created by HDANYWHERE to better reflect the wider capabilities and functionality of MHUB video and audio (V&A) whole-home entertainment systems.

The new format training days will take place at the new HDANYWHERE HQ, The Haysfield in Malvern, Worcestershire. Where in addition to various R&D labs, an experience centre and product testing facilities, the new home of HDA also includes purpose-built rooms for classroom-based theory and practical hands-on product training.

The training will be delivered by HDA Founder, Chris Pinder and uControl Creator, Dillan Pattni in an informal, engaging and interactive manner. It covers topics such as selling the unique benefits of MHUB systems over other multiroom AV solutions. Fundamentals like first-fix wiring, effective use of video scaling in multi-zone projects, creating stacked MHUB video and audio systems, configuring the uControl universal remote app, sequences (macros), voice control, and brilliant integration with third-party control systems, that harnesses the power of MHUB’s expanded IO options and more.

Attendees at The Haysfield will also get to see behind the scenes at HDANYWHERE, meet Team HDA and (subject to NDA) perhaps even see some projects in development. Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day. Chris, Dillan and some of Team HDA will keep the building open after-hours for attendees who wish to stay late to improve their knowledge further, or for those choosing to stay the night locally.

“With HDA hardware now capable of delivering multi-zone 4K HDR video distribution, audio distribution and amplification, as well as universal AV control and advanced third-party control system integration with IO expansion, we felt it was time to radically update our HDA Pro education approach.” Chris Pinder

Dillan Pattni also commented “We’re designing this course to focus on HDA's hardware and software ecosystem specifically. The course content, tips and hacks you will learn with us can only be applied on our kit. As such, it differs greatly from other more-generic HDMI distribution training.”

Attendees will also receive a uController ZP5 Zone Processor and a selection of HDA Pro merchandise upon completion of the day. (Total retail value over £300)

Things that will be covered throughout the day:

  • The benefits of MHUB centralised video and audio systems over SkyQ and others
  • Principles of system design, a hypothetical project and other common use case scenarios
  • First-fix wiring and the rack
  • Multi-zone video considerations
  • How to effectively use video scaling in multi-zone systems
  • Multi-zone audio outputs and zones
  • Managing audio formats
  • Combining multiple MHUBs in a stack (V&A)
  • DillanControl - Configuring the uControl universal remote app
  • Sequences/macros
  • Voice Control
  • Integrating with third-party control systems and harnessing MHUB’s expanded IO options.
  • Remote system monitoring and management