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MHUB U Gets 18G Upgrade

Upgraded MHUB U with 18G 4K HDR support, uControl and more natural Alexa.

MHUB U Update MHUB U Update
HDA’s best-selling MHUB U matrix systems have received an 18G upgrade to support 4K HDR content from devices such as AppleTV, SkyQ and Ultra HD Blu-ray.
Uncompressed HDMI 2.0 signals are supported via MHUB U’s HDMI I/O supporting 4K UHD HDR content up-to 18G with zero compression. Tipping point compression (TPC) technology is automatically activated on the long-range HDBaseT links, only when higher-than 9G video is detected (tipping-point) and is a brilliant solution for achieving high bandwidth content over Cat infrastructure without significant visual trade-offs.
MHUB U also offers expanded multi-zone IO for low-cost Control4 and RTI controllers. Advanced drivers leverage HDA’s patented IP2IR technology to hijack the IR ports on the matrix and display receivers. For example, using any C4 controller and loading the new driver into Composer you turn the MHUB into an IO expander (similar to the C4-IOX-E-B) converting commands into IR signals used to control AV devices connected to MHUB, such as AppleTV, SkyQ, AVRs and even in-room control for devices such as displays, soundbars and projectors.
MHUB U models also feature uControl, which gives universal room-to-room control of connected input sources and TVs via the App or Alexa for no additional cost. Users can turn on the TV and adjust the volume, select sources and control them, play and pause, navigate guides and menus and finally turn everything off in the room when leaving - all via the free uControl remote App. Remote monitoring via the HDA Cloud helps to minimise return site visits, and Pro’s can also select which zone output to extract the multichannel or stereo audio.

HDA Founder Chris Pinder said of the upgraded MHUB U: “We continue to innovate MHUB’s features and functions to offer more and more for installers and users alike. Delivering superior value in the marketplace, MHUB U is unmatched on features vs cost. TPC is a fantastic technology that delivers a pragmatic and cost-effective solution to getting 9G+ video over Cat with no discernable difference to the viewer.”
MHUB U 431/862 is HDCP 2.2 (4x4/8x8) matrix switchers, sharing four/eight 4K HDR HDMI media sources to 3/6 long-range screen zones via Cat6 cable up to 40 meters for 4K or 70m for 1080p, and 1 or 2 via HDMI cabling.

HDA’s uControl App can be downloaded from iOS and Google App stores now. It also has a demo-mode for getting an understanding of the uControl experience, without the need to even own an MHUB.

The upgraded MHUB U is available and shipping now.