Talk to your AV...

All MHUB's support voice control* made possible by adding an Amazon Alexa enabled device like an Echo, Dot or Sonos to your home.

Enable the Skill today:

MHUB Voice Control available to download

watch football. turn off TV. set volume to 5. play/pause. change input to bluray. mute. change channel to 1-0-1.

Using a remote control doesn't always make sense...

Voice control with MHUB works best in areas of your home where your hands are usually tied up, like the kitchen, for example. Here, you might have the TV on but your hands are busy cooking, washing up or watching the kids. Reaching for a remote or uControl to pause the TV or change the volume is a lot slower than just asking your MHUB to do it for you instead.

Going further with Sequences.

Voice commands on MHUB use Sequences to go way beyond simple on or off commands. By creating a Sequence you can string complex and repetative tasks, like turning on your TV and going to your favourite channel (not forgetting your prefered volume level) by saying whatever you want. For example, "Alexa, tell my TV I'm home..." could do all the actions described above - it's waaaaay faster than using a remote!

Amazon Echo family together

Find the right MHUB for you.


The MHUB for every home.

Our entry-level MHUB system perfectly suitable for everyone: media rooms, apartments and most homes. Packed with the same app and voice control features as our PRO systems.

  • Two, Four & 8 zones/rooms
  • Max. 18G supported
  • App & voice control
  • AVR control supported
  • Upto 3 years Warranty

From £699.99 RRP


The PROfessionals choice.

For luxury smarthomes providing full audio and video management, control and advanced display technologies like Audio Return Channel (ARC). A professional installer (HDA Pros) must fit this MHUB.

  • Four & 8 video + audio zones/rooms
  • Max. 18G supported
  • ARC, CEC, auto downscaling
  • Audio matrixing
  • Upto 4 years Warranty

From £2499.00 RRP


For 4K purists.

18G uncompressed. Perfect for media or cinema rooms and small video distribution projects where no compromise in quality is acceptable.

  • Four zones/rooms
  • HDR formats (10 & 12-bit), Dolby Vision, HDR10+ and HLG.
  • Dolby Atmos & DTS:X
  • App & voice control
  • Upto 4 years Warranty

From £999.00 RRP


MHUB goes Hi-Fi.

Working standalone or as part of a MHUB PRO 2.0 system, MHUB AUDIO adds a hi-fidelity audio component to your MHUB system. Dramatically improve the audio from your TV and integrate all your audio services in to one.

  • Four zones/rooms (stackable)
  • Audio matrix with DSP EQ & sub out
  • 55w/channel 4Ohm
  • App & voice control
  • Upto 4 years Warranty

From £2499.00 RRP

*MHUB systems all support voice control. MHUB systems using HDBaseT™ technology (Class A-C) support display and source control. MHUB systems using only HDMI® can only switch between sources using voice commands.