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AV refurb in-a-box.

MHUB S is the neater, simpler, fast install solution for pubs & bars. Delivering AV throughout that’s easily managed and controlled. One system from one brand is all you need.

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HDANYWHERE install in a pub environment

The MHUB for

Bigger Projects.

With up to 32 zones of video and control included, MHUB S is cheaper and easier to install than AV over IP.

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MHUB S is the alternative option to HDMI over IP

Find the right device for you.

Our devices help to create neater rooms free from technology clutter.

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Mounting TVs on walls and hiding cables.

XTND HDMI Extender over Cat 6 Cable

Mount your TV to a wall and keep devices plugged into it hidden using a HDMI extender.

XTND from £69.

Watching TV in more than one place.

MHUB U HDBaseT Matrix

Watch TV in 4K in your living room and bedroom, or anywhere. No remote control required.

MHUB U from £699.

Managing all TV and audio in your home.

MHUB PRO 2.0 video distribution system

The ultimate luxury in home AV. Centralise all your AV and watch or listen anywhere in your home.