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Started in 2006

We're have over a decade of experience in managing video and audio.

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The core technologies inside our hardware is protected by patent.

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All video distribution is Cloud connected for superior support.

MHUB and HDA Cloud

All MHUBs are connected to our cloud, for free.

Similar to systems like Domotz and OvrC, all MHUBs come with IoT abilities which allows them to send operational and configuration data to our global service and information platform called HDA Cloud. In 2022, we rolled out a free update which allowed all HDA Pro installers the ability to remotely manage every MHUB system sold since 2016.

Remote management

Power cycle, configure and analyse your systems from anywhere in the world. How many hours of troubleshooting do you think you can avoid when you can do the following without having to go to site?

  • Check 24hr Heartbeat (system health) logs
  • Read core firmware and software versions
  • Look up network settings and configuration
  • Power Cycle hardware
  • Reboot video, audio or network hardware separately
  • Install uControl Packs
  • Change EDID, perform switching or execute Sequences
HDA Cloud interface on a computer, tablet and phone

We play nice with all major control systems

MHUB can work with almost any control system of your choice for true smart home living. HDANYWHERE has worked with the biggest names in the smart home industry to ensure MHUB seamlessly integrates in to your home control system.

Control System Drivers for MHUB


Do more with less hardware and Control4.

Our free control drivers, made especially for Control4 and MHUB, take advantage of HDA API 2.1 to offer custom integrators an unparalleled number of features designed to make installations easier to manage, cheaper to commission and require less hardware to achieve the same result. Our drivers do a lot more than just switch.

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Every HDA Pro who installs MHUB can add their profile to our dealer network. Our network is globally searchable and has been proven to generate leads for your business.

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