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The little guys' big idea. recap.

Published: 01/12/21

Chris Pinder reveals his 3-point manifesto for taking on the big $ players in 2022.

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EI Live! 2021 recap.

Published: 08/10/21

Did you miss or indeed are you missing the vibe from last week's EI Live!?

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MHUB S - The Stackable Matrix.

Published: 24/09/21

Supporting up to 32 zones of video, 100m of 18G/4K range, 4K > 1080 downscaling and full uControl of all connected sources, displays and now lighting!

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New MHUB S stackable matrix, uControl lighting and Apple Watch App on demo at EI Live!

Published: 13/09/21

For the first time in 2-years the HDANYWHERE (HDA) inflatable cube booth will be at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre for the 2021 free-to-attend EI Live!

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A new future made possible?

Published: 01/07/21

HDANYWHERE launch new range of 8K interconnects, injecting a bit more fun into the humble HDMI cable.

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To ARC or not to ARC?

Published: 27/01/21

Working with ARC audio - general tips to avoid pain With Netflix now surpassing 200m subscribers and Disney at 137m,

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Crestron Home™ x HDANYWHERE™

Published: 20/11/20

HDANYWHERE can now be part of a Crestron Home system for video and audio (inc. any TV’s ARC!) switching and distribution throughout a property via any compatible MHUB AV matrix.

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uControl - exceedingly good at exceeding expectations

Published: 1/08/20

HDANYWHERE’s Justin Fothergill wants to talk about uControl - HDA’s free, award-winning control app.

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PPE Anywhere

Published: 11/06/20

HDANYWHERE PPE Campaign Praised by Industry Body CEDIA, distributing no less than 10,000 masks during the pandemic – so far

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The MHUB MINI, for the many.

Published: 29/05/20

Our first WiFi-enabled MHUB delivers 4K HDR (18G) native or compressed and downscaled to suit.

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New Control4 Drivers

Published: 06/03/20

We are proud to announce that the *NEW* Control4 Expanded I/O Driver is now available for download from our Support site.

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ISE: 2020 Amsterdam

Published: 21/02/20

A great final show for HDANYWHERE in Amsterdam.

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Dolby& DTS® AV Signal Manager Shipping now

Published: 30/09/19

This unique “get-out-of-jail” device helps you solve seemingly simple yet critical on-site issues.

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HDANYWHERE Launches in Mexico

Published: 01/06/19

HDANYWHERE announces a new partnership with Mexico’s leading distributor, TECSO.

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MHUB U Gets 18G 4K HDR Upgrade

Published: 16/05/19

Upgraded MHUB U with 18G 4K HDR support, uControl and more natural Alexa.

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2019 HDA Pro MHUB V&A Training Days

Published: 30/01/19

Pinder & Pattni to deliver HDANYWHERE unified whole-home entertainment systems training throughout 2019.

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MHUB 2.0 a most-modern matrix

Published: 25/01/19

Six new MHUB 2.0 video matrix models, standalone uControl zone processors, and a tweaked audio matrix-amplifier.

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Introducing MHUB PRO V&A Bundle

Published: 11/10/18

MHUB V&A bundles deliver multiple locations of pixel-perfect 4K video and multiple 110W amplified audio zones from a central point.

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Photos: New Headquarters Progress

Published: 10/10/19

Building work progresses at our new Malvern headquarters - The Haysfield.

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Introducing MHUB-OS 8.0 & uControl 2.0

Published: 08/10/18

On October 8th HDANYWHERE (HDA) release MHUB-OS 8.0 with uControl 2.0, the latest version of its operating system and universal control app as a free software update.

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CA-1 control

Published: 18/09/18

Advanced drivers for Control4, RTI and URC leverage HDA’s patented matrix IP2IR technology to hijack IR ports on the hub and display receivers.

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Android update

Published: 20/08/18

This version of uControl has had a complete design update including refinements to the menus, UI sections quick actions and widget support.

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HDA e-Learning

Published: 18/08/18

Taking time out 9-5 often isn’t feasible for many businesses. And for those based outside the UK or USA, access to quality training can be a mission.

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Available down under!

Published: 13/08/2018

Amber Technology has local market knowledge, coupled with high visibility and dealer trust to ensure maximum success for our smarter, neater whole-home AV products.

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uControl Patent

Published: 26/04/18

The integrated universal controller inside all HDANYWHERE MHUB's and its control application, 'uControl', have been granted a patent by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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Whole-home AV control

Published: 22/01/18

MHUB PRO/AUDIO combinations can deliver up to 8 zones of app/voice/remote-controllable pixel perfect 4K video and up to 16 zones of room EQ’d audio.

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Year in review

Published: 31/12/17

A year or so ago HDANYWHERE was spun-off as an independent business. Inside the company, it felt like a startup again.

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Widget and Force Touch

Published: 05/12/17

New Widget and Force Touch quick actions deliver instant scene selections directly from the iPhone Lock screen.

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uControl Patent

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